Celebrating Yaletown Productions Screening at Vancity Theatre

On Sunday, November 6th, the City of Vancouver Archives successfully hosted its second and final 125th anniversary event of the year: Celebrating Yaletown Productions. Marked by a matinee screening at the Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre, this event highlighted the 40-year filmmaking career of Mike Collier and the development of his film production company, Yaletown Productions. This screening showcased a younger Vancouver, reminding viewers about how much the city has changed in less than a lifetime.

Mike Collier introduces his films to a sold out theatre

Opening remarks from City Archivist Leslie Mobbs

The Yaletown Productions Inc. fonds contains over 300 hours of audio-visual material. Collier curated the screening by selecting film excerpts from various phases in his filmmaking career, and condensing and summarizing his life into 120 minutes.

Still from Wire (1969), item number MI-556.

To name only a few, there were surrealistic experimental and student films, Tommy Tompkins wildlife films shot in the British Columbian backwoods, Province Reports on the development and progress of Vancouver in the years leading up to Expo 86, a military recruitment and training film shot in Chilliwack, and a theatrical short about the Snowbirds.

Still from Province Reports (1982), item number MI-266.

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