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Fusion workshops at the 2014 PHOTOgraphie festival

PHOTOgraphie, British Columbia’s only professional photography festival, is coming September 26-29. Amateur photographers are welcome to participate.

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Fusion is a separate event that is being presented as part of PHOTOgraphie for the first time.

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Organized by Beau Photo Supplies and Vancouver Photo Workshops on September 28, participants can register for one or more speakers and workshops presented throughout the day. Workshop registration includes admission to the trade show.

We’ll be presenting “The Ins and Outs of Donating to an Archives” at  9 am at the Roundhouse, discussing the process of acquisition and what we do with archival materials once they have been acquired.

We look forward to meeting new people at this event and showing them what we do!


Archival Images at the 2014 Pacific National Exhibition

Archival images from our holdings will be on display in a big way at this year’s PNE!

Couple on amusement park ride in P.N.E. Gayway, 1948. Item CVA 180-1520

Couple on amusement park ride in P.N.E. Gayway, 1948. Item CVA 180-1520

Thanks to funding from the British Columbia History Digitization Program at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC, we are currently digitizing thousands of archival images from the Pacific National Exhibition fonds.

Loopo plane ride in midway carnival, 1940. Item CVA 180-0798.

Loopo plane ride in midway carnival, 1940. Item CVA 180-0798.

PNE staff have curated a looping show of about 300 images that can be seen on the jumbo screens in Celebration Plaza, where the BBQ Competition is held.

Acrobatic performance in midway carnival sideshow, 1940. Item CVA 180-0799.

Acrobatic performance in midway carnival sideshow, 1940. Item CVA 180-0799.

Be sure to look up when you’re there to see the PNE as it used to be!

“Through the Lens” is back at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Last year, we told you about Through the Lens: Building Vancouver’s History, two different shows featuring huge panoramic images from our holdings projected on the dome of the Star Theatre.

view of false creek

View of the C.N.R. Station under construction and the completed G.N.R. (Union) Station, March 1918. Reference code AM54-S4-3-: PAN N178

The Space Centre is bringing back these very popular history shows in May due to popular demand.  The first show is curated and presented by John Atkin and the second by Michael Kluckner.

More information is available here.

Reflecting the City: 2013 Screening at Vancity Theatre

There was a great turnout at our annual screening this past Sunday: Reflecting the City screened to a sold-out crowd, and the theatre had to turn away many hopeful theatre-goers in the rush line-up. Fortunately, a handful of reserved or pre-sold seats went unclaimed, and a lucky and patient few were able to get in.

The rush line-up. Photograph by Kristine Aguilar.

The rush line-up. Photograph by Kristine Aguilar.

Veteran Archives volunteer Kristine Aguilar used photographs from our holdings to design two beautiful posters that were on display in the Vancity Theatre atrium. Continue reading

Reflecting the City – Vintage Movies from the City of Vancouver Archives

Back by popular demand, the City of Vancouver Archives presents its fourth annual screening at the Vancity Theatre: Reflecting the City.

Together with local historian Michael Kluckner, we’ve dug out old gems and have discovered new ones too, and we can’t wait to show them on the big screen. Join us on Sunday, November 24th at 2:00 PM as we showcase these latest finds from our moving image collection.

Train tracks and a reflection of the Marine Building in the water (c. 1939). Reference code: AM640-S1-: CVA 260-999.

Train tracks and a reflection of the Marine Building in the water (c. 1939). Reference code: AM640-S1-: CVA 260-999.

Michael Kluckner will provide historical insight and context for each movie. This screening will also premiere newly digitized holdings and recent acquisitions not yet available in our online database. Continue reading

“Through the Lens: Building Vancouver’s History” at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Join historians John Atkin and Michael Kluckner  in the Space Centre‘s digital Planetarium Star Theatre to look back at Vancouver as you’ve never seen it before. Two “indoor” digital walking tours allow you to experience the changes that have enveloped our city over the last 100 years.

Michael Kluckner's presentation pays special attention to the  Olympic Village and Kerrisdale areas. View of Arbutus Street at 37th Avenue, Reference code AM54-S4-3-: PAN NX

Michael Kluckner’s presentation pays special attention to the Olympic Village and Kerrisdale areas. View of Arbutus Street at 37th Avenue, Reference code AM54-S4-3-: PAN NX

The presentations use a selection of images from our W. J. Moore panorama negatives, which we’ve featured here before.  Remarkably, the Space Centre has used the same high-resolution JPG images that you can download from our online search and projected them to fill the Star Theatre. They are matched with stunning modern panoramas and other audiovisual elements to produce two unique shows.

7:00pm Wednesday November 6 (John Atkin)
7:00pm Wednesday December 4 (Michael Kluckner)
Tickets available at the door.

Vancouver’s Home Movie Day event October 19

Vancouver will have an International Home Movie Day event this Saturday afternoon. All are welcome, even if you don’t have home movies.

Vintage projector advertisement

Vintage projector advertisement

Home Movie Day is a free public event and the world’s leading effort to honour and preserve small format films. Bring in your amateur films, have them assessed by film professionals, and, if you wish, films in good condition will be projected for all to enjoy. On a second screen, there will be a continuous screening of home movies from the CBC Media Archives, the Royal BC Museum and us.

You can find out what’s on those old films you inherited, chat with archivists, discuss a transfer to video with a vendor, grab some popcorn and watch movies for hours. Check out the Vancouver event on Facebook!

Children and animals in garden, ca. 1930. Reference code AM1470-: MI-43.

Home Movie Day was conceived in 2002 by a group of film archivists as a way to promote the preservation of amateur small format films. They were concerned about what would happen to all the home movies shot on film during the 20th century. They knew many people had boxes full of family memories that they’d never seen for lack of a projector or out of fear that the films were too fragile to be viewed. They also knew that many people were having their amateur films transferred to videotape or DVD, with the mistaken idea that their new digital copies would last forever and the “obsolete” films could be discarded.

October 19 has been proclaimed Home Movie Day in the City of Vancouver.

Home Movie Day 2013 proclamation, City of Vancouver

Home Movie Day 2013 proclamation, City of Vancouver


  • Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013
  • Time: 12 – 4 pm
  • Place: The Hangar at the CDM, 577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver
  • Accepted film formats: 16mm, 8mm, Super 8

See you there!

Vintage Vancouver: Archival film from the City of Vancouver Archives

The City of Vancouver Archives is happy to announce Vintage Vancouver: Archival Film from the City of Vancouver Archives, November 18th 2012 at 2pm. This is the third in a series of screenings in collaboration with Vancity Theatre, exhibiting some of the finest selections from our moving images. Although you can view most of our moving images online, this is an exciting opportunity to see vintage Vancouver on the big screen with the advantage of curation, historical commentary, live accompaniment and the ability to share and laugh with a movie-loving audience (and maybe treat yourself to some popcorn).

Women in sailor suits in the Orpheum theatre, advertising the 1946 musical “Meet the Navy”. Reference Code: AM1184-S1-: CVA 1184-2292

Continue reading

And…Action! On set in the Archives Reading Room.

Here at the Archives, we’re used to working with pre-existing documents and media, though we recently decided to try our hand at creating something new. The idea arose to make a video introducing and promoting our public reading room, which is open for anyone to come and conduct research.

The first step was to find inspiration. Prior to our new video, proper Reading Room protocol had been communicated through a series of humorous “Dos” and “Don’ts” photos. We loved the way it was fun and tongue-in-cheek while getting the important facts across.

This series of posters created by the then-Public Archives of Canada (now Library and Archives Canada) shows good and bad Reading Room behavior. Don’t behave like the gorilla!

One other work we enjoyed while preparing this video was created by our friend and colleague at the United Church of Canada BC Conference Archives, the late Bob Stewart, entitled “The Archives – More than a Holding Operation”. The title makes its way into a line in our video, our own little tribute. Unlike Bob, our Archives does not have access to a choir – and none of us can boast rapping skills (well, one of our interns, but we could not convince her to go on camera). Continue reading

Your favourite Archives now on Facebook! What’s not to “like”?

At the Archives we are continually working on our social media outreach initiatives. It is something we do off the sides of our desks that has great value in reaching beyond the walls of the Archives and sharing our holdings with a wider audience often in new ways. This past summer the Archives was pleased to have a Communications intern from Concordia University helping us improve and expand our social media activities, Jesse Cumming. Jesse worked on many projects during the two months he was in Vancouver and you will see many of the fruits of his labour featured in blog posts this fall. Continue reading