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Authenticity is

. . . the trustworthiness of a record as a record;  i.e., the quality of a record that is what it purports to be and that is free from tampering or corruption.

InterPARES Project, UBC

The City of Vancouver Archives is committed to providing  access to authentic records about the history and culture of our city.

While a record’s reliability and accuracy is largely determined by its life prior to entering an archives, once it is in our custody we are responsible for preserving its authenticity. Archivists use specialized methods of processing and cataloguing that protect the record’s identity and integrity over time.

The City of Vancouver Archives acquires, organizes and preserves Vancouver’s historical records and makes those records available to the widest possible audience. The Archives is a division of the City Clerk’s Department of the City of Vancouver. We hope to use this space to tell you about the records we have and the work we do.

If you have  research questions, please consider visiting the Archives during our regular hours of service, or contacting us directly at 604.736.8561 or archives@vancouver.ca. You may also find answers by visiting our website and exploring our holdings.

In support of the City’s commitment to sustainability, this blog replaces our printed newsletter.

Header photo: detail from “Granville Street looking north with view of Vancouver Block”. Ernie Reksten, photographer. 1958. Item # 2010-006.161.