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Protest: Citizen Journalism in 1981

Rated ‘R’ in 1980s Vancouver!

It starred John Gielgud, Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, but the film raised community objections. A former City Councillor led a group protesting the showing of the film Caligula in Vancouver. The protest itself was captured on film.

Hans Sipma, a professional still photographer, was on his way back to work from lunch in July 1981 when he saw a large group of sign-wielding protesters in front of the Towne Cinema at 919 Granville Street, a mainstream—not pornographic—theatre. He ran back to his office, grabbed his Super 8 camera, and shot 11 minutes of candid footage of the discussions taking place. He named the film Protest.

We edited the video to produce the excerpts seen here. Continue reading