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SAA 2012 Annual Meeting in San Diego – Beyond Borders

My self-funded trip to San Diego to attend the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting was a fantastic professional experience. I met some great people who are working on inspiring projects.

The view from the San Diego convention center. Photo by Cindy McLellan

Keynote speaker Jon Voss of Historypin set an exciting tone for the conference with his thoughtful and passionate multi-media presentation. Not an archivist himself, Voss does enjoy working with archivists and started working with and thinking about linked open data back in the early 1990s. Continue reading

ARCHIVES 360°- SAA’s 75th Annual Meeting and Anniversary Celebration

Archivists work alone most of the time. We at the City Archives are fortunate to have other professional staff in the same building, but our work is largely solitary by nature. This summer in Chicago, no archivist was alone for long at the 75th Annual Society of American Archivists conference, where over a thousand professional archivists came together to share knowledge and connect with each other.

This cake, in the shape of an archival storage box, was displayed at the opening gala event. It reads, “Congratulations SAA on 75 years.”

This year, three archivists from the City had presentations accepted at SAA: Glenn Dingwall, Cindy McLellan and Courtney Mumma. All three of us (self-funded with the exception of Mumma) attended the full conference in Chicago, so we’d like to share some of our experiences and highlights with you. Continue reading