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From Suitcases and Cigar Boxes – Or: How Do Our Holdings Grow?

Here at the City of Vancouver Archives, we adhere to a Canadian archival principle called “total archives”. This means that we acquire, preserve, and make accessible records from all sectors of society—local government, private industry, cultural institutions, organizations, families, individuals, etc.—and in all formats. Also, because we are the municipal archives for Vancouver, our holdings must relate to some aspect of the history of our city.

The portions of our holdings that come from the City of Vancouver government come to us systematically through the City’s records management program.  Those parts that we acquire from the private sector (local businesses, families, associations, etc.) arrive here in a variety of ways, often unexpectedly and sometimes in surprising packages.

Just a few examples of containers donations arrive in.

In many cases, people with records to offer will either call or email us asking if we would be interested in what they have. When this happens, Continue reading