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New photography exhibition – Vancouver’s Village 2008-2011 by Leslie Hossack

On exhibit from January 12 to April 13 will be Vancouver’s Village 2008-2011: constructing a village, creating a community, a collection of photographs by Leslie Hossack documenting the construction of the Olympic Village on Southeast False Creek.

Eleven Cranes, Olympic Village Site Looking East, Vancouver 2008 by Leslie Hossack.

The village in Leslie Hossack’s photographs has evolved, over the four years she has photographed it, from a flock of construction cranes to an avenue of shiny buildings. Continue reading

Rescuing the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games’ Bid Corporation Records

BidCorp Press Conference - November 2001

BidCorp Press Conference - November 2001 - Jack Poole addresses (L-R): Philip Owen (Mayor, Vancouver), Marion Lay (Legacies Now), Hugh O'Reilly (Mayor, Whistler), Jean Chrétien (Prime Minister, Canada), and Gordon Campbell (Premier, British Columbia). (822-C-6 Group 2)

As the official repository for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) records, the Archives has been preparing for the acquisition of the Archives of the Games since as early as 2004. We knew that these archival records would have to be identified and transferred to the Archives very quickly after the Games since the organizing committee would only exist for a short while longer to tie up any final business. In the summer before the Games, VANOC welcomed us into their headquarters so that we could analyze their working environment and determine the best ways to acquire their valuable legacy documents.

After the Games, VANOC representatives continued working closely with us to ensure that once a donation agreement was signed, their records could be easily and securely transferred to the City Archives. The first group of records for transfer, the records of the Bid Corporation (BidCorp), were at an immediate risk of being permanently damaged by some unwelcome invaders, Continue reading

Our Students – Tom Jackman

To this budding archivist, there is perhaps no better sight than pristine Hollinger boxes filled with records rehoused for permanent preservation—records said archivist appraised, selected, arranged, and described. It is comforting to know that future researchers will benefit from my endeavours, and humbling (read: scary) to think that I helped preserve one small part of our heritage.

Summer Archives Intern Tom Jackman, pictured with records from the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation fonds

Of course, “small” is relative. As a summer intern at the City of Vancouver Archives, I processed records of the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation—an accession totalling 70 boxes! The Bid Corporation (BidCorp), a non-profit corporation created in the late 1990s Continue reading

Preserving Vancouver’s Digital Heritage

First in a series about Vancouver’s groundbreaking digital archives system.

Can you guess what the City of Vancouver has in common with the International Monetary Fund?

No? Both of their archives are collaborators on the same digital preservation project.

Archivist holding an 8-inch floppy disk

Archivist with an 8" floppy disk from our holdings. Anybody got a machine that reads these things?

Most organizations these days use digital recordkeeping to conduct their business. Some portion of what they create might be valuable to researchers in the future, but there isn’t a system available yet that can preserve it.  Since it is our duty to preserve and provide access to Vancouver’s digital heritage, we are building such a system.

Digital records deteriorate faster than a document from the 1800s or a photo negative from 1950.  Continue reading