Iron Work Detailing of Houses in Marpole

Thanks to local resident Flora Thompson, the Archives received a donation of over 400 photographs documenting the wrought-iron work and decorative designs of Vancouver residences. Thompson took these photographs from 1995 to 2003 and the images highlight a unique aspect and era of Vancouver building design. This same design aesthetic is reflected in Vancouver homes from a certain era beyond that of the Marpole neighbourhood.

Great star-like iron work on this house on Hudson Street. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.165

Iron work for the stairs, entryway, and front windows. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.348.1

Cattail pattern on this Osler Street house. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.147

Although some site locations are unidentified, most of the houses are described by their street address. The collection of over 400 photographs includes views of houses, close-up shots of house entryways showing iron work designs, as well as street views capturing other houses and buildings. These photographs may be of interest to researchers examining property and neighbourhood histories as many of the homes shown have since been demolished.

7843 Osler Street house and lawn decorations. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.148

A more unusual shape of a hand rail. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.339.2

Attention readers: please feel free to contact the Archives if you are able to identify any of the houses as the Archives would be interested in adding to the descriptive information to help make these records more discoverable.

Beautiful spring flowers around the step railing leading up to the house at 8279 Hudson Street. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.178

The shadow across the wall creates an effect of a third hand rail on this house. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.141

Iron waves decorate this house’s railings on West 64th Avenue. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.278

Cats snoozing on the front steps at 7623 French Street. Reference code: AM1603-F1-: 2012-016.213

A small grouping of this collection has been also put up as a Flickr set – enjoy!

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