Food and Drink: New Video Wall Show

Over the past several years, five video wall shows centering on various themes have been created at the Archives. Titles include Vancouver Vignettes, Games in the City, Edifice, Forces Shaping a City, and Parks. The video wall shows highlight the diverse nature of our photograph, video, and textual holdings.

One of the photographs included in the video wall show. Fishing on Greer’s (now Kitsilano) Beach, 1890s. Reference code: AM54-S4-: Be P142

It has been a few years since the last video wall show, Parks, was created, so we felt it was time to add another one to our rotating shows. We are happy to announce the latest show: Food and Drink: Growing, making, buying and consuming.

The inspiration for this latest installation was two-fold. As an undergraduate, I studied horticulture and agriculture, and therefore the production and consumption of food and beverages are never far from my mind. Secondly, in my daily work at the Archives, I constantly come across a wealth of materials relating to the production and consumption of food and beverages in and around Vancouver throughout the last 150 or so years.

A photograph included under the Making and Processing Food section of the new video wall. Interior of the National Biscuit Company, 1931. Reference code: AM1535-: CVA 99-3983

The creation of a video wall show is a lengthy process which requires a fair amount of researching materials and refining the theme’s framework. However, it is a very satisfying process that has provided me with an opportunity to be creative all the while increasing my knowledge of our collection and the history of Vancouver, something that always comes in handy when assisting our researchers.

Another image featured in the new video wall show. Children drinking milk in classroom at Open Air School, ca.1926. Reference code: AM1376-: CVA 96-2

The video wall show starts with the raising and growing of food, then transitions to the making and processing of food and beverages, the buying of food, and finishes with photographs related to the consumption of food and beverages. The video wall shows can be viewed at the Archives in our gallery space, or in the City Hall rotunda across from the elevators. You can also view it on YouTube.

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