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“Conversations with Khahtsahlano” is available online

Did you enjoy the recent Khatsahlano Music and Arts Festival and want to know more about the origin of the name? Conversations with Khahtsahlano 1932-1954 is now online at the Internet Archive.

We uploaded it a while ago but there was a glitch that sent it to our film collection. That’s been fixed, and it’s now available in several text formats and in the online reader.

Published in 1955, it contains transcriptions of conversations between Vancouver’s first City Archivist, Major J.S. Matthews, and August Jack Khahtsahlano, a Squamish chief born in 1877 near the site of the Burrard Bridge. Over the course of 22 years Chief Khahtsahlano recounted details of his family and their lives as well as stories about local events. Matthews in turn transcribed the visits and augmented them with maps, drawings and photographs.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 27 is UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, and this year’s theme is “Audiovisual heritage: see, hear and learn”. To celebrate we’d like to showcase a few of the moving images we’ve preserved, and introduce our Internet Archive Partner Page for Film.

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We’re Partners with the Internet Archive

We’re pleased to announce that we are now a partner institution with the Internet Archive (IA). You can find all the digitized content that we have there in one place.

Perhaps best known for its Wayback Machine, IA has gone beyond preserving the Internet and now offers text, audio, moving images and software. IA’s main purpose, to offer open and free access to content, fits perfectly with our responsibility to make our holdings available to the widest possible audience.

IA has developed sophisticated systems for offering publications online that go far beyond what we could offer on our own web site. We provide the content and for a reasonable charge they digitize, transform and host it, and everyone benefits: that’s why we’re partners.

Detail from "A Plan for the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, including a General Plan of the Region", 1928, page 208

IA produces a multitude of publishing formats, so you’re likely to find one that’s just right. Continue reading

How did Harland Bartholomew’s Ideas Shape Vancouver?

Few cities possess such a combination of nearby natural resources, a splendid harbour, a terrain ideally suited for urban use, an equable climate and a setting of great natural beauty.

Vancouver is the most important Pacific port of a great country. Here, if anywhere, should develop a great city. Circumstances of such character call for a city plan of substantial scale.

A Plan for the City of Vancouver, Harland Bartholomew & Associates, 1928, p. 10

Detail from "Vancouver Town Planning Commission 1926, Ex-Officio Members and Town Planning Consultants, 1926, Item # LP 290

Founding his urban planning firm in 1919, Bartholomew was an experienced and respected planner by the time he was hired by the Vancouver Town Planning Commission in 1926.

Vancouver’s first comprehensive town plan was prepared by Harland Bartholomew and Associates in 1928 and revised in 1929 to include the newly added municipalities of South Vancouver and Point Grey.

Bartholomew’s firm wrote follow-up planning reports between 1944 and 1948.

We’d like to thank Bing Thom Architects for this 125th birthday gift to the City. The firm sponsored the digitization of all of the Harland Bartholomew reports held at the Archives. The reports are available now on the Internet Archive. Continue reading