BC Gay and Lesbian Archives photographs now online!

Thanks to funding from the National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS), we are happy to announce that over 5,400 photographs from the BC Gay and Lesbian Archives (BCGLA) collection are now available online in time for Pride.

Fantasy and Freedom, Diana Rose does Diana Ross (1990’s). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F15-: 2018-020.3712

The BCGLA Photograph series contains about 7,500 photographs. There are a few photographs that date from as early as the 1890’s and continue until 2014. The photographs are arranged under file titles that reflect their subject matter.  Ron Dutton, who collected and maintained the collection for decades before donating it to the Archives, provided access to the photographs through this arrangement and we have maintained his order. The file titles include:  theatre, comedy, performance arts, dance, writers, artists, musicians, portraits, politicians, female impersonation, Stonewall Festival, HIV/AIDS, the Vancouver AIDS Memorial, political activism, Gay Games III, nightclubs, Vancouver Lesbian Connection, Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Community Centre, Vancouver Prime Timers, youth groups, leather community, First Nations, sports, Hiking Club, businesses, LGBTQ2+ community organizations, Vancouver Pride Festival and the Victoria Pride Festival.

Here are just a few examples:

Billiards at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Gay Games (Aug. 1990). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F27-: 2018-020.5652
Square dancing event (1990’s). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F03-: 2018-020.2104
Betty Baxter at Stonewall Festival, Vancouver (1992). AM1675-S4-F09-: 2018-020.2640
Act up demonstration (Aug. 2, 1990). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F19-: 2018-020.4042

Many of the photographs were donated to the BCGLA with no accompanying information or captions. Over the next few months we will be at Pride events seeking input to identify individuals and events depicted in the photographs. In the meantime if you see someone you know in any of the photographs or remember the date(s) and/or locations please email us with the name(s) and links to the individual images and we will update the descriptions.

Unidentified Artist beside displayed artwork (1990’s). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F05-: 2018-020.2224
Unidentified drag performer (1980’s). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F17-: 2018-020.3860
Women’s video night during International Lesbian Week (Feb. 25, 1992). Reference code: AM1675-S4-F25-: 2018-020.5276

Reproduction and use of most of the photographs, as with the posters series, is allowed for fair dealing purposes. We have noted the copyright owner when possible, but for most of the posters, the copyright owner is unknown. Further information may be available through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

For more information about the BCGLA see our previous blog posts regarding the donation and its subject files, its periodicals and its posters.

This project was realized as part of the National Heritage Digitization Strategy of Canada thanks to the generous support of a private donor. / Ce projet a été réalizé dans le cadre de La Stratégie de numérisation du patrimoine documentaire du Canada grâce à un don généreaux d’un donateur privé.

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